Announcement in Gróska on March 17th

Dear friends.  Dear fellow countrymen.

I have reached the decision to stand for the office of President of Iceland on June 1st 2024.

The President of Iceland holds an important role. A fortunate president cares about and understands the importance of every person and every community in the country—regardless of current political issues. The President knows our origin and roots, reminds us of all that unites us and speaks everywhere for our basic values. The president also understands the position of the country and nation in the international context and both sees and supports the possibilities that lie in our strengths and uniqueness.

„I sincerely believe that Iceland faces exciting opportunities in a world that is now looking for solutions in the field of peace, equality and sustainability"

For the past six years, I have taken on a challenging international role as CEO of B Team, a group of global leaders committed to responsible leadership, improved ethics (in business), and the well-being of people and the environment. I have worked with business leaders, governments, organizations, and representatives of young generations to solve big challenges. I know well the power of bringing good people together for good deeds. Our ranks include visionary leaders, people who put humanity first, lead by example and encourage governments to ensure that the rules of business and society are fair.

I have enjoyed every minute of my current job, so the decision to run for president has not been simple. But I sincerely believe that Iceland faces exciting opportunities in a world that is now looking for solutions in the field of peace, equality and sustainability. In these areas, Iceland can be a leading example, and in the activation of these strengths lies an opportunity for value creation and positive development for our society. I know that in these areas I can make a difference. These are the issues I am passionate about. They have been my guiding light in life and work.

„I sincerely hope that we will continue to be a brave nation"

The most urgent tasks of every society are to protect the health and well-being of people, strengthen social cohesion and harmony and respect the nature on which all our lives and prosperity are based. In the last century Icelanders were fortunate enough to use their resources, education and creativity for unprecedented progress in the fields of business, culture and art. But the forces of nature truly show these days and times that they can be menacing. The nation is shocked and saddened by the geological disaster that now takes place in Reykjanes. No one can put themselve in the shoes of those who suffer such a blow. But we know the strength of collective empathy. It has served us well in the past, and it will serve us well now. By pooling our collective strength,  we will help each other get through these difficult times.

Icelanders are a brave nation. We were the first to elect a woman as president, ours is one of the oldest national lawmaking assemblies in the world, we are at the forefront in harnessing geothermal energy, we emphasize support to entrepreneurs, we are known for our fighting spirit, and have impressive representatives who have won awards and received well-deserved recognition for achievements in the arts and sports. I sincerely hope that we will continue to be a brave nation that calmly meets the challenges at hand and faces the future with courage. Courage comes first and is the indispensable driving force of all progress, be it in peace, equality or sustainability.

Dear friends and family and dear Icelanders. I stand humbly before you and offer to serve. If you want a president who wants to contribute and believes that by activating our creativity in the fields of culture, art and business, I believe that all roads are open to us and am ready to do my best to serve the country well. If you want a president who knows how to build bridges, has compassion,  finds joy in life and believes that equality is the key to an even stronger society, then I, - my husband and I - are sincerely ready to serve the interests of our country and people wholeheartedly.